Walk in Showers

Walk in Showers

There are plenty of designs for bathrooms that are archaic and trite between the cookie cutter houses of our age. When you want to make a bold statement about your land and your bathroom space, walk in showers are an increasingly popular renovation that will add value to your house and represent your style of freedom within your private place behind the bathroom door. Walk in showers can be installed in a variety of ways and there are different types of showers being mass produced offering premier luxury amenities. Regardless of which type you choose, basic care is necessary and you should factor that in when weighing out your options. Lastly, depending on how private you want your shower to be, there is the unique option with some walk in shower designs to not have a door. The choices are yours.

What Material to Choose?

Perhaps the best material for budget and beauty to make a shower’s walls and floors out of is ceramic tile but there are other great options, too. Granite and marble tiles can be polished till waterproof and plastics can be manipulated to hold great traction under foot. Ultimately the material that you choose is going to come down to how much you can shell out for your renovation and what style you want your bathroom to have. For instance, a jet-steaming luxury shower model in chrome that features TV’s and sound systems may not fit well in a Roman bath house style bathroom. Vice versa, a piping hot tub with Ionian pillars made of cement wouldn’t tie a chic, super-modern bathroom up very well. Your vision will dictate what material to choose but know in advance that there are plenty of options that can suit your specific needs and wants.

Basic Maintenance

As with every shower, walk in showers require basic maintenance though it is less than what’s required of bathtub/ shower combos. Leaving water in a tub can result in bathtub rings and since there are typically three walls surrounding the shower along with a curtain, lots of surface area gets wet that should be wiped down when dealing with bathtub/ shower combinations. A walk in shower is free and open thus leaving the floor and the wall with the showerhead fixture to clean later. Drainage fluid and grout cleaner should be regularly used as well. When considering what custom design you want for your walk in shower, remember that with fewer bells and whistles, there will be less that can break in the future. Some of the best walk in showers are those that make use of excellent interior designing and classic but smart and stylish materials.

Door Or No Door?

Since walk-in showers are so open and free anyway, often doors aren’t used. Shower areas are simply exposed in the middle or corner of a bathroom and no curtain or plexi-glass, frosted encasement surrounds you. If you are particular about your privacy, walk in showers can be designed with well-placed visual barriers.

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